Mission Statement

I’m on a mission.

My mission is not only to explore what it means to be a woman in this culture at this moment, but to support our growth as the unique individuals we are and how we show up in community with one another.

We can improve our lives at home and with one another with optimal health – mind and body.

Sounds simple enough but, in fact, maintaining wellness has become one of our greatest challenges. Look at Wellness. It’s no longer a noun but rather an industry; a competitive sport that requires a lot of time, money, and a ridiculous amount of Instagram posts that indicate total nonchalance in it’s pursuit.

This gluten free paleo birthday snack I made for the entire 3rd grade? No biggie.

These beachy waves? I haven’t washed my hair with my homemade non toxic hair wash in DAYS!

Amazing sex with my partner of 24 years? Of course we use coconut oil, because I AM 49 years old, but I can’t keep my hands off him!

Oh and don’t forget, “I’d never miss my pilates/yoga/spin/HIIT/meditation/fill in the blank classes. Me-time is so important!”

I would like to unwind this all the way to the core: What is True Wellness?

How is self love the container for self care? How do we nourish ourselves in a sustainable manner that reflects our integrity? What does it mean to connect with ourselves and establish a mind-body-spirit approach while also creating a community?

Can we convert the fear of aging, not being enough, or imperfection that we carry around with us all day everyday — mostly without even realizing it — into a joy of living? Can we celebrate all the quirky stuff that makes us who we are? And how do we honor those differences in others? What boundaries do we need to set and observe in order to contain the sacred space of healing?

I’m here as a teacher, healer and woman of science to frame things and pull it all together. Not only do I understand the variety of women’s everyday realities, because I AM ONE OF YOU, but my education and credentials deepen my understanding and broaden my skills to connect, reveal, share, support and teach.

My many years of media work, clinical and practical expertise, and education in both the Western evidence-based conventions and the more esoteric arts of traditional medicine, combined with my life experience as a working mom, breast cancer survivor, and 20-year practitioner of hands on healing, inform my unique take on women’s health and the practical, real-world solutions to finding serenity in the chaos.

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