I’m not gonna lie: when I see a long mission statement, my eyes kind of roll back in my head and I click on the next page. So I admit that I struggled to produce this. Here’s the litmus test that I ask my own patients to apply websites: would you stand outside on the street corner outside my office and ask any passer-by the answer to your most burning questions? If your answer is no (I hope it is), and you sense that the “authority” on the website you are perusing is pretty much “some guy on the corner”, you need to move on to another source of information. If you can’t even identify who the “authority” behind the website’s content is, run, don’t walk!

In my medical practice, my mission is to create the optimal healing environment for patients by providing access to the best modalities from a variety of traditions and sources. By combining my broad and deep training and knowledge in Traditional Western conventional medicine as well as Eastern medicine, meditation, yoga and herbalism I offer the best of the best to my patients. My mission on this website is to offer that special combination of impeccable credentials, knowledge, clinical expertise and real- woman experience.

The commitment a doctor makes to “first, do no harm” evokes the sacred duty to which we are obligated. We are morally bound to consider a variety of treatment options and apply that to the whole person in front of us- her complaint, her physical ailments, but also who she is in the world, her family, in her community, in her own opinion; her thoughts, emotions, feelings and history; her mind, body and spirit. It is my belief that Integrative medicine creates new and powerful opportunities to practice medicine at its highest level and do so much more than “no harm”. I want to share my experiences in this realm with a wider audience on this website and in the various media activities that I participate in.

Raising consciousness about how to best provide and seek health is a significant part of my mission. By teaching health care providers and patients, we all learn more about what is available, reasonable, safe and effective. This increases our own cultural competency as providers and empowers patients to partner with us on their journeys toward more healthful living – no matter the specific conditions with which they may be living. Bringing this to the web and beyond offers even greater possibilities for all of us to grow more balanced and healthy.

My intention is to work toward the restoration of dignity in medicine by honoring patients and providers in the holistic pursuit of wellness and health. I see the practice of integrative and holistic medicine as an opportunity to restore the “heart” to medical practice by directly addressing how healing is promoted. Health is not merely the absence of disease and medical practice is not merely the application of science to medical problems. In fact, the practice of medicine is a synthesis between head and heart, the transmission of knowledge and love and openness to what works and what is just in order to alleviate suffering and promote wellness. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

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